Our Vision

To launch our product in multinational territories and become the premier software provider to the
global real estate industry. We want to be the Home of property search. One country at a time.

Brief History

CodeForce Vina was established in Ho Chi Minh City in 2014.
We are the sister company of ReSales Online which was set up in Spain in 2006.

ReSales Online is a market leader in the Spanish property industry.

Our Staff

We know that our continued growth and success is directly related to our cheerful and hardworking staff. They are a fun loving team of talented programmers..

Our Culture

Our culture is simple: we believe in hard work, creativity and fun. We wouldn’t change this formula because we know it works.

Real Estate Software

Software for the property sector is our speciality. At CodeForce Vina we are taking innovative and progressive steps to revolutionise the global real estate industry.

Virtual Reality

We are developing a virtual reality system for real estate companies. This will allow buyers to view properties, room by room, without leaving the sales office.

Join Our Family

We are looking for programmers, systems architects and testers.
We want creative fun people who work well within a team.

Time to programme something different?

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