Are you the right person for CodeForce?

Our priority? We are looking for good IT staff and of course you must be willing to learn and be passionate about your work. But you must also be a good fit for our team. If you want to work with us, your personality will also be key to a successful application.

We don’t mind what qualifications you have or where you have learnt your IT skills. If you are self taught or achieved great results at college, we would like to meet with you.


Our interview process is completely unique. It will evaluate your talents, sense of humour and social skills via a series of programming, interview and team challenges. Be prepared to face some real tests and have the most fun in an interview you have ever experienced.

I love working with friendly colleagues, meeting new challenges every day and building cool things with contemporary technologies. I am also improving my English in our fantastic English classes, right in our office!


CodeForce will:

  • Invest in you
  • Always listen to you
  • Give you the freedom to flourish and reach your potential
  • Ask you to work autonomously
  • Support you to speak up and have ideas

No Current Positions

Howewer if you feel strongly that you can be an asset to our company please send us your C.V. as we are always open to ideas.

Time to programme something different?

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